About TWR

We are a non-profit Canadian company, based in Toronto, Canada, whose sole purpose is to build and facilitate The World Remembers.

Over the five Centenary years the Company:

  • coordinated the WWI names data files from participating countries
  • built the specific names-display software application for participating countries
  • built, hosted and maintained the multi-language website
  • distributed the names-display software application to each participating country in each of the project years
  • presented the name-displays from each participating country on this website
  • built and streamed name-displays to phones and tablets for participating nations that have requested it

The World Remembers is financed by private donations, foundations, and the contributions required of participating nations. We have charitable status in Canada and Canadian donors will receive tax receipts. Each participating nation was responsible for producing and funding any name-displays within its own country.

The resources that created this initiative were not only time and money but also a belief in the power of the idea. There were times when practical and political considerations threatened to end the project and private individuals came to our assistance. As far as we are aware, no other organization has seen the need for such an inclusive and comprehensive commemoration. In one particularly dark moment, I received a donation accompanied with a note that simply said, ‘Because it is important.’

The World Remembers in spite of its political, practical and financial challenges is important since by displaying the names of the military war dead from both sides in nations around the world for the first time in history, we will not only remember but we will also honour shared histories.

For more information about the Company, please contact us.